Strumentazione Digital Cinema

Impianto Cinema Digitale


Introduzione del Sistema di Videoproiezione

Il Cinema Incontro è passato al cinema digitale  (D-CINEMA), con il quale vengono proiettati i film in cartellone. L'impianto che ha sostituito il proiettore a pellicola, è essenzialmente composto da un potente server collegato ad un proiettore digitale CHRISTIE SOLARIA ONE. Il server ospita sul proprio hard disk i file del film, i file audio/video compressi e codificati che vengono decriptati ed inviati al proiettore digitale. Tale proiettore è concettualmente simile a quelli per uso domestico, ma è in grado di proiettare l'immagine in altissima definizione 2K e 4K.

Il vantaggio del Digital Cinema è quello di dare allo spettatore un'emozione completamente nuova, una visione nettamente migliore che fino ad oggi non era ottenibile con la pellicola, che poteva avere rigature, granulosità ed opacità. Con il cinema digitale si hanno immagini così nitide e brillanti, di una qualità impensabile fino a pochi anni fa. 


Proiettore Digitale CHRISTIE SOLARIA ONE

Presentato ufficialmente da Christie il nuovo modello di proiettore per cinema digitaleSolaria One, rivolto espressamente ai mercati emergenti e ai cinema di media grandezza, con schermi le cui dimensioni non superano i 10,7 metri di larghezza.

Conforme alle specifiche DCI, il nuovo Christie Solaria One si basa sul chipset S2K DLP Cinema di ultima generazione della Texas Instruments, e offre una luminosità di 9.000 lumen (nello spazio-colore DCI) o 10.000 lumen con contenuti di altro tipo.

Si tratta di una soluzione di proiezione all-in-one, completa di obiettivo zoom, lampada Xenon ad alte prestazioni, unità IMB (Integrated Media Block) per la riproduzione di filmati high frame rate e sistema di gestione dello schermo (SMS) per il controllo del sistema.







Introduzione del Sistema Audio

Il sistema Audio Cinematografico installato nel nostro cinema  è composto da un enseble di casse marchiate EAW - Eastern Acoustic Works, almpificatori dedicati CROWN e dal processore audio di ultima generazione DATASAT AP20.




The CB159z high power, full range 2-way stage/screen loudspeaker system fills theaters with all the high impact, full-range sound encoded on today’s digital soundtracks while reproducing voices clearly and naturally.

The two component system includes a BV155zx vented single 15-in low frequency unit and a HK195z high frequency system – a medium format 90° x 50°HF horn loading a large diaphragm 1-in exit compression driver. The HK195z’s constant directivity horn assures even distribution of high frequency information to every seat in the house.

The BV155zx’s optimally vented enclosure uses enclosure ressonance to increase LF response while limiting driver excursion. This method produces less distortion and minimizes driver strain while extending LF response to the lowest octaves of human hearing. Its shallow enclosure dimensions allow convenient placement behind the screen.

The adjustable steel bracket attaching the horn to the LF enclosure can be positioned at one of two mounting points for optimum front/rear HF horn placement. The bracket allows the HF horn to be aimed independently of the LF section in both the horizontal and vertical planes and can be locked once it is positioned. The HF component comes completely pre-assembled from the factory to minimize assembly time.

The LF component’s high power input signal requires the use of a two-terminal barrier strip input connector to create a gas-tight connection, minimizing corrosion and maximizing signal transfer. The barrier strip accommodates bare wire, tinned leads or spade lugs. The HF section comes complete with wires long enough to connect to the LF section, allowing the user to connect both devices in the same location. Input connectors are located on the side of the LF enclosure for convenient access in cramped installation areas.

Users can convert the CB259z to the full range passive CB259zx by ordering and installing the optional passive crossover/filter kit. This allows the CB259zx to be powered by a single amplifier channel.
  • 1 cassa CINEMA SUBWOOFERS (SB184C);


The SB184z cinema subwoofer loudspeaker system uses a high power 18-in cone transducer mounted in an optimally vented enclosure to fill small to medium capacity theaters with high definition sub bass information at earthshaking output levels.

The SB184z’s optimally vented enclosure uses enclosure resonance to increase sub bass response while limiting driver excursion. This method produces less distortion and minimizes driver strain while extending sub bass response to the lower limits of human hearing. Special effects will have greater clarity, greater power and greater impact.

A two-terminal barrier-strip, which accommodates bare wire, tinned leads or spade lugs, is located on the side of the enclosure for convenient access in cramped installation areas. The SB184z uses perforated steel covers to keep the enclosures ports free of debris.

The use of multiple SB184z’s provides even greater output capability and further extends low frequency response.
  • 12 casse SURROUND SYSTEMS (CR72I);


The CR72z two-way, passive full range loudspeaker system is engineered to reproduce today’s full bandwidth digital surround tracks in smaller cinemas. It features an 8-in woofer and a 1-in dome tweeter mounted in a slanted baffle.The CR72z is specifically engineered to cover a larger seating area with higher quality, higher output sound than traditional cinema surrounds.

The passive crossover/filter network included in the CR72z goes beyond merely dividing the signal and actually performs critical equalization functions. This means it will provide more detailed, natural reproduction of any sonic event occurring in the 360° aural arena. The crossover/filter network tailors HF response to match the SMPTE/ISO 2969 response curve. The SMPTE/ISO 2969 X-Curve portion of the crossover/filter can be disabled by the use of a jumper located on the input panel, offering greater flexability.

The front baffle is angled down 15° to accommodate overhead mounting. The optimally vented enclosure increases LF response while limiting driver excursion. This method produces less distortion and minimizes driver strain while extending LF response to the lowest octaves.


  • Processore Audio e scaler HDMI - DATASAT AP 20


The Datasat AP20 is the product of years of innovation and experience in delivering digital sound for cinema. It delivers the precise reproduction of both digital and analog sources. It is the professional solution that is developed by sound engineers for sound engineers.

The AP20 offers an outstanding array of features in a single box. With 16 channels of digital and analog inputs and outputs, it delivers an impressive total of 85 input options and 34 output options – almost double its nearest competitors. The result is that the AP20 is one of the few audio processors capable of 3D audio today.

Its market leading features include unique room optimization technology, granular sound control and a comprehensive range of memory pre-sets to facilitate room tuning 
and the optimum playback of alternative content. The AP20 delivers a true-to-source sound stage with unbeatable voice intelligibility and crystal clear musical score and effects reproduction. 

An 8 channel version of the AP20 is available for cinema exhibitors that have less demanding requirements but still demand outstanding sound quality. An easy upgrade path is available to the full AP20 product.







  • Amplificatori Dedicati CROWN CE 1000 


The Crown CE1000 Power Amp is lightweight and roadworthy. 560W/ch @ 2 ohms, 450W @ 4 ohms, 275W @ 8 ohms, 1,100W bridged mono @ 4 ohms, 900W @ 8 ohms. It works with any line voltage, and its Switch Mode Power Supply allows enormous power with less weight.Other features include sophisticated protection circuitry (from shorted, open, or mismatched loads, input and high frequency overloads), a 5-way fault indicator, a red LED on each channel that turns on when distortion becomes audible, a green signal-present LED, detented level controls, a mode select switch for stereo or bridged, and 3-speed fan.

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